ALBERTA STABLE INITIATIVE  The Alberta Stables Initiative is officially under way and going into it's 4th year already! With over 600 stables in our province there is amazing potential to create a network of stables interested in delivering exceptional service, providing quality facilities and educating business operators.

STABLE DIRECTORY   The Stable Directory is an online resource tool and business directory dedicated to providing a complete list of stables for the Country of Canada. The Stable Directory is not a large corporation it is Independently owned and operated by Tim Hall.

FARM TOURS  Our members would like to share their expertise and love for their horses with newcomers. They want your first-time experience to be pleasurable and friendly and the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Arabian breed.
Gary Millar -
Millar Venture Arabians
Phone: 780 499 9219

  TRAINERS  Our trainers want to help those new to the show ring find the guidance, leadership and confidence needed to have a safe and successful experience.

Jacquie Ganton -

Stride Equine
Phone: 780 340 4615


  HORSEMANSHIP  Seek out the ultimate workshop in Horse-man-ship and "horse whispering". Our experts will tell you how the horses share their highly effective methods of communication, their "natural leadership".

Gary Millar -
Equus Alive
Phone: 780 499 9219


CHOOSING CLOTHES FOR RIDING.  Dressing to go horseback riding need not be expensive and appropriate garments are not difficult to find.

LEARNING HOW TO RIDE.  You can’t learn to ride from a book. You can learn a lot about riding from reading and refine your techniques, once you have gained some experience. Real life is different from a book. Horses have wills of their own. The unexpected happens. The expected often doesn’t. To learn riding you need: a) lessons, b) experience, and c) some good books to help you understand what’s going on.

SO MANY WAYS TO SHOW A HORSE.  Horse shows come in hundreds of stripes. There are local, provincial, regional, and national shows, as well as special youth shows and shows for every conceivable discipline and every breed under the sun.

YOUR FIRST HORSE SUPPLIES. You have waited your whole life for this – horse ownership.  Whether you are 14 or 64, it will be an exciting time thinking of everything you will accomplish together, whether that is winning competitions or spending time on your favorite trail.   However, even new owners that feel well educated and ready for this purchase often find themselves wondering what supplies they really need to have. It is best to be prepared with a few essential items if you are planning on buying, or have already purchased, your first horse.

10 DIET AND FITNESS MYTHS.  Check this out!.


HIPS & HIP FLEXORS - FOR RIDERS.  Great stretches.